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The Past and Present of Hangers

Nov. 01, 2019

The hangers were a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in China. The Zhou Dynasty began to implement the ritual system. The aristocratic class attached great importance to the clothing. In order to meet this need, a shelf dedicated to hanging clothes appeared earlier. The overall shape of the hangers of the Ming Dynasty still maintains the traditional mode, but the materials, production and decoration are especially fine. The hangers of the Qing Dynasty are also commonly known as "chasing frames", which are mainly used for men's official uniforms. Therefore, all the hangers are like two pairs of dragons. The wood used for the production of wooden hangers is generally produced under dry humidity of 18 degrees or less, and must be dried before use. In ancient times, when clothes were dried, the clothes were placed directly on the line and used to dry. Because the ancient robes were dragged to the ground, they were placed directly on the line. Hangers are furniture placed in the bedroom, and the clothes that are taken off can be placed on the brain and the middle brand. The hangers are also made relatively high, so that the clothes will not fall.

With the advancement of human civilization and science and technology, people's consumption concept has begun to move toward the rational direction of branding, high-grade and simplification, and the demand for products has increased from simple use demand to integration demand for product design. In ancient times, the hangers arrived in modern times and have a new evolution and development. The material and surface treatment of modern hangers are constantly improving. The materials used in materials are from wood to plastic, and then to stainless steel hangers, which are constantly advancing. In the surface coating process, the use of high-precision anodizing blasting and electrophoretic spraying technology, the car-level surface coating process, the surface treatment process of the hanger has reached a new height. The development and changes of hangers, the demand for use and technological innovations, and the modern civilization and scientific and technological progress of human beings bring comfort and enjoyment to people's lives. The combination of modern production techniques and the use of stainless steel materials has produced modern stainless steel hangers, which are increasingly becoming a must-have for modern home living.

Especially in recent years, China's real estate has ushered in an unprecedented high-speed development situation, followed by the building materials and home furnishing industry, naturally rising. Hangers are used as building materials for household products. With the improvement of people's living standards, they have become household items that consumers must buy. The consumer concept of the hanger product market is changing. People are drying their clothes from the earliest original wooden hangers, to the plastic hangers, to the alloy hangers and the latest stainless steel hangers. In just 10 years, the earth-shaking changes have taken place.

Runhee CEO Don found that in this era of rapid development, a single raw material business has not been able to meet the needs of the development of modern society, and it is suggested that we cannot rest on our laurels and must change. At the beginning of 2010, Don led the core technical team to conduct market research by participating in various exhibitions, using our original advantages to design, develop and produce various cardboard livelihood products.




The Past and Present of Hangers

The Past and Present of Hangers

The Past and Present of Hangers

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