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What's really sustainable hangers, how do sustainable hangers look like?

Oct. 17, 2019

Recently we've got lots of people asking how to prove your hangers to be sustainable hanger, how to tell sustainable hangers to the normal plastic hangers?

What is really sustainable hangers, how does sustainable hangers look like?

Well firstly Runhee hangers was established in 2010, and at the very beginning our vision is to make a little change to better our world.  

Secondly let's dive into our materials part to show you more about Runhee cardboard hangers.

Right now Runhee has two mainly different kinds of cardboard (raw materials) for their hangers, the normal one which is made from 100% recycled papers, for instance the A4 papers when it be used out in the office, newspapers, packaging boxes etc.

after it get smached by the staffs from the recycle bin, and then pressed under an enormous pressure, special process, then sterilize,  the final cardboard get done.

Another is called Runhee cardboard, is made from biodegradable plants, this special materials are both stength and water-resistanced. it was developed by Runhee and another domestic university years ago.

In order to prove this special materials, we've ever did a funny testing and put a hanger under the flower bed, after some 100 days, when dug out, it turned nothing but mud.

What is really sustainable hangers, how does sustainable hangers look like?cid=4

          (Bearing testing---taken from our samples showroom)

Besides, we have many certifications like the FSC, Rohs, HK intertek and some other domestic reports.

All these materials, testing and reports claim Runhee hangers to be sustainale hangers.

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Runhee was established in January 2010. It is a manufacturer dedicated to making use of 100% recycled paper as a raw material to effectively replace plastic hangers.

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