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Sustainability in the product——RUNHEE HANGER

Mar. 27, 2020


On average, it is estimated that for every person on the planet, more than one hanger ends up as landfill every year – all together, that’s more than six billion hangers polluting out Earth each and every year.

At RUNHEE Hangers, we take great care in securing that our hangers are sustainable in every way. We believe that thinking about sustainability in design and production results in better products for you and a better future for us all.

Sustainability in the product

The Solid Board that the hangers are made from is 100% recycled. The hangers too are 100% recyclable after you are done using them. So when its time for fresh ones, you can just pop the old ones into the paper recycling and they’ll re-surface perhaps as a paper cup, stationary or maybe even into a new, cool sustainable hanger. PLUS our hangers are printed with vegetable-based inks – they do absolutely no harm to nature.

Sustainability in transportation

NORMN Hangers minimize CO2 (and costs) when transported. Reason being that the hangers can be stacked, and lie on top of each other in boxes during transport. Less space is needed, and so more hangers can be transported together. In fact, they are up to 3 times more space efficient than regular hangers. Furthermore, the hangers do not get tangled in one another – something that often happens with wood or plastic.  It’s just downright convenient!

We’ve learned about sustainability from nature

All of our products are developed with a cradle-to-cradle mindset. All materials and resources are used in a circular process – in line with nature’s model of reusing and recycling resources over and over again.

If you are interested in joining this new movement and changing the current mindset, take a look at our hanger models, and get in touch to find out what NORMN Hangers can do for you today.


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About Runhee

Runhee was established in January 2010. It is a manufacturer dedicated to making use of 100% recycled paper as a raw material to effectively replace plastic hangers.

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