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Aug. 07, 2019

Located in Dongguan, established in 2010, Runhee is a manufacturer committed to making use of 100% recycled paper as raw materials to replace plastic hangers effectively.

What we do: Insist on R&D, Runhee specialise in supplying bespoke and premium hangers for customers’ specific requirements, our products range from hangers of new born, Children series,adult deries. Besides, the various kinds of hangers for coats, pants, underwear, hooks for scarves,slippers, socks, hats etc. are quite attractive. Most importantly, it’s our new materials (Dr.B) which is so unqiue that make us different and outstanding.


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About Runhee

Runhee was established in January 2010. It is a manufacturer dedicated to making use of 100% recycled paper as a raw material to effectively replace plastic hangers.

  • Tel: +86 769 8125 1180
  • Mob: +86 138 0237 7013
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